Nest weavers

Nest weavers

Nest-making is a learned art and not merely instinctive action, according to a new study.

Scientists in Scotland came to that conclusion after studying the behavior of the yolk weaver,Ploceus velatus, a species of bird from Botswana.

"Until now, it was assumed that the construction of nests was an instinctive action, regulated only by a genetic mechanism," Patrick Walsh, a researcher at the University of Edinburgh and one of the authors of the study, told BBC Mundo.

The technique used by the birds studied varies greatly from one individual to another. On the other hand, the males of this species build several nests in the same season and the researchers determined that as they created more and more nests, the behavior registered modifications.

“One of the obvious changes is that as the birds got more experience they dropped less blades of grass. In other words, as they built more nests their ability improved ”, explained the researcher.

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Video: Baya WEAVER BIRD making Nest: Weaver Bird Documentary (August 2021).