Biodegradable corn and pineapple dishes that germinate!

Biodegradable corn and pineapple dishes that germinate!

The idea of ​​biodegradable plates was implemented by the Lifepack company, from Colombia and its creators Claudia Barona and Andrés Benavides. Lifepack uses the remains of corn husks and pineapple crowns, two abundant agricultural products in the country for the manufacture of utensils that replace the conventional disposable plastic ones.

From "the earth to the cradle"

The dishes are manufactured based on the philosophy of"The earth to the cradle", which makes up all the utensils that can be thrown to the earth for degradation, without impacting the environment, on the contrary, making more plants grow.

Papelyco is the name of this line of products, which contains a seed inside that makes it possible for the packaging to be planted with the objective that later, a flower will be born in them. These dishes are plantable, compostable and biodegradable.

Their utensils are made from natural fibers such as the pineapple crown and corn husks that they collect in the agricultural processes of the peasants of the region, who are allowed to capitalize through an element that was destined for landfills. of garbage.

Seed is added to the manufacture of paper among the more than 70 species with which this company works. The process aims that once the container is used, consumers can plant it so that it can biodegrade and give way to the birth of a flower, a vegetable, fruit plants and even aromatic plants.

However, if the user does not want to take advantage of its biological quality, they could dispose of it to the landfill without problem, since the product will disappear in a matter of three weeks.

I work for many

In addition to the benefit for the environment, this project has employed 20 people and generated extra income for pineapple producers.

"The idea was to sell containers that generate life, not only in the form of plants, but also work, to the point that some 190 women were trained to work in the company," said one of the creators.

Thus it turns out that Papelyco is a company that creates a socially and environmentally responsible product.

Currently, the couple is heading to the US market, where they want to launch a production plant in Saint Louis, Missouri. In addition, they intend to implement other types of packaging in the product line, such as:

  • Foods.
  • Drinks.
  • Health care.
  • Personal care.
  • Industrial packaging.

These projects could expand and continue to benefit both the people in need of the job and the environment that demands so much care.

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