How to Make a Seed Therapy Pad

How to Make a Seed Therapy Pad

A seed pad can prove to be the solution to various bodily ailments, stress, and insomnia. These are small pillows that perform the massage function by transmitting cold or heat, depending on the need.

They are made with natural materials and give us a pleasant relaxing effect and relieve pain. In this step by step, we will see how to make your own.

What good are the so-called herbal therapeutic pillows?

With the stress and life that we all lead with our obligations and pressures, it is common for us to suffer from back pain and neck pain.

We suffer from headaches, contractures or pinching. These pillows are filled with multiple seeds, such as soy, corn, buckwheat, cinnamon or lavender that are ideal for relaxing thanks to their adaptation to our body, and their ability to adapt to different temperatures depending on whether we put them in the microwave or in the fridge:

  • Hot serve to reduce the symptoms of back pain, colic, muscle or neck pain.
  • In cold they help against inflammations, bruises, fever, tired feet, migraines or stress, among others.

First of all, how can I make my herbal pad and how should I use it?

What I need?

  • Cotton fabric that we can put in the microwave (you can also reuse a towel). The normal thing is to make a not excessively large pillow, one of 50cm x 35cm, it would be ideal, but it all depends on your own needs.
  • We can fill the pillow with what you like the most, we give you an idea: soybeans, corn, rice or buckwheat. We recommend, above all, chickpeas, because they can keep the temperature for an hour, and they are fantastic for the back because of their rounded shape. Cherry pits, for example, also retain heat for a long time. You will have to adjust the quantities according to how big or how small you want to make the cushion. You can also introduce lavender, cinnamon or the aromatic herbs you want, since when we heat the pillow the smell will come out.

How do i do it?

  • The first thing we will do is our cushion, our therapeutic pillow. Cut the fabric with the shape you want and go sewing it, leaving an opening to introduce the seeds.
  • The second step will be to introduce the seeds. Remember not to fill it too much, keep a middle ground so that it is fluffy. Little by little, introduce the seeds you have chosen and sew that opening so that no seeds escape.

When is it recommended to use the heated pillow?

We will use it in its hot form when our neck hurts, when we have muscle aches, menstrual pain, colic or flu. We will put it in the microwave for a minute and we will test. Never put it on for more than 5 minutes or we will run the risk of burning, always at short intervals to test.

When is it recommended to use the cold pillow?

It is very suitable when you feel for example a headache, toothache, fever, inflammation or simply when you want to cool off a bit.

Finally, it is important to note that normally the pillow lasts for a year, but if at any time you want to put other seeds or add other aromatic plants, you just have to open it again and do it.

Choose the seeds that you like the most for the filling and remember not to heat your therapeutic pillow for more than five minutes to avoid burns. Start with short intervals and experiment.

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