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Stick a rose stem on a potato and see what happens a week later. Incredible!

Stick a rose stem on a potato and see what happens a week later. Incredible!

Turn a rose into a whole rose bush in no time!

A nice bouquet on the kitchen table can brighten up any cloudy day, don't you think? Unfortunately, the flowers are quite expensive, especially if you consider that you will have to throw them away after a couple of days.

But with this trick we have for you today, you can grow your own beautiful bouquet of roses!

Everybody loves flowers

Flowers are beautiful and give your home a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. Plus, they smell amazing! Did you know that flowers can be good for your health? Buy an indoor hydrangea and say goodbye to dry eyes, headaches, and sensitive skin. All thanks to a plant! However, buying plants can be quite expensive, so growing them yourself in your garden can be a good alternative. Not only does it look pretty, it's good for your mental health too! Research really shows that gardening can improve your mental health. That's as good a reason to start gardening, isn't it?

Green hand

However, not all of us have the green hand to maintain a complete flower garden. Fortunately, we have some amazing advice for you that will ensure that you can have your own roses before you know it. You don't need a green hand and you'll never be without a bouquet of flowers again. Sounds perfect right? Everyone loves a good bouquet of roses and this trick will make sure that you can have a garden full of them. All you need is a rose, a potato, a plastic bottle, potting soil, and a pot.

A rose and a potato? Yes, you read that right! This trick is going to sound really strange, but it works.

Take the potato and drill into a hole the width of the stem; make sure the stem does not wobble into the hole. Cover the bottom of the pot with 2 inches of potting soil and place the potato on top. Fill the rest of the pot with potting soil. Cut the bottom off your plastic bottle and carefully place it on the stem sticking out of the ground. Every now and then, water the rose (around the bottle) and watch your roses grow like never before.

Take a look at the following video to see how it works!

Video: How to Grow Roses From Cuttings. Stem Cutting. How to Propagate Roses - Sprouting Seeds (August 2021).