In Sweden they ran out of garbage from recycling!

In Sweden they ran out of garbage from recycling!

Sweden is one of the most innovative countries in terms of recycling, they have recycled so much garbage to the point of having to import it from other countries so that their treatment plants continue to operate.

Less than 1% of the country's domestic waste has been sent to landfills per year since 2011.

Sweden at the forefront in caring for the environment

Sweden was one of the first countries to introduce a heavy tax on fuels in 1991. Today its electricity comes 50% from renewable sources.

So it also deals efficiently with waste management.

“Swedish people are very interested in being in contact with nature and they are aware of what we need to do with regard to nature and environmental problems. We worked in communication and education for a long time so that people were aware not to throw things out into the open but to recycle and reuse, ”Anna-Carin Gripwall, communications director of Avfall Sverige's Waste Management System told The Independent. Sweden.

Sweden's passion for clean living encompasses not only waste management; also the country's food chains are taking care of the planet. For example, Swedish hamburger chain Max Burgers launched the so-called “Green Family” menu in 2016, which encourages people to choose smaller carbon footprint meals and offers several vegetarian and vegan options. Max Burgers has a goal of 50% of its sales being vegetarian in the medium term.

Garbage to produce energy

Both state-owned and private recycling companies produce energy that feeds a national heating network, which keeps Swedes' homes warm during the colder months.

Futuristic Sweden

Trash cannot be seen or smelled. Swedish cities work with automated vacuum systems in residential areas, which carry garbage through pipes avoiding the need to use collection trucks. Underground container systems are also used, making more space available on the road and preventing odors and visual contamination.

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