Perforated cows to optimize feeding

Perforated cows to optimize feeding

The welfare of animals continues to be violated for the benefit of the food industry.

France is on alert, a group for the defense of animal rights denounced that in the industrial livestock sector methods are being used that violate all kinds of ethical principles.

The animal rights association L214 published impressive images of cows with the so-called "bull's eye". Made of plastic material, this hole is surgically inserted into the side of your back. The practice is known as a rhuminotomy and allows entry into the fourth stomach of cows.

The video, which has become viral on social networks, shows a group of cows that are part of a research project that seeks to optimize and regulate their diet.

The activist group L214 secretly filmed the video between February and May this year at the experimental farm of the Sanders animal feed company, in north-western France.

Unfortunately, this is not the only farm that performs these practices. There are laboratories in countries in the United States, Canada and Switzerland that also use cannulas on animals.

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