2008 KV2: The asteroid that will pass close to Earth today

2008 KV2: The asteroid that will pass close to Earth today

A huge rock called 2008 KV2 will approach the Earth at a speed of 40,800 km per hour. But without risk of collision with our planet.

From NASA they estimate that the asteroid slides at a distance of approximately 6.7 million kilometers from Earth (17 times that which separates us from the Moon)

2008 KV2 is classified as a Near-Earth Object or NEO (Near-Earth Objects). To get this NASA-derived category, it must be a space rock that "can pass within a few million kilometers of Earth's orbit."

The space rock is estimated to be three times the size of a football field (up to 330 meters wide).

Although it is categorized as "potentially dangerous", due to its especially large size and its passage relatively close to Earth, it does not pose any threat.

Return tourism

As its name indicates, 2008 KV2 was discovered in 2008, and since its discovery it was decided to calculate the distance at which it would meet the Earth; the researchers produced estimates of their travels between 1900 and 2199.

Turns out, the 2008 KV2 is a fairly frequent visitor. Like Earth, it orbits the Sun, but it doesn't always get that close to us.

After its visit today, the asteroid is expected to pass Earth again in 2021 and twice in 2022, according to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California.

To know the orbit of the 2008 KV2 live, click here.

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