Terrifying report, 97% of Spaniards breathe polluted air

Terrifying report, 97% of Spaniards breathe polluted air

According to a report presented by the Ecologistas en Acción organization that analyzes data from 800 official measurement stations, a decidedly terrifying percentage indicates that 97% of the Spanish population breathes polluted air.

The NGO denounces in its statement that 45 million people were exposed in 2018 to levels of contamination that exceed the recommendations of the World Health Organization. These people are damaging their lungs with particles in suspension, carbon dioxide or sulfur dioxide, the main air pollutants, according to the analysis presented by Ecologists in Action.

The report recalls that each year up to 30,000 people die in Spain prematurely and that the health costs derived from air pollution exceed 50,000 million dollars annually, 3.5 percent of Spanish GDP, according to the World Bank. To this must be added the damage to crops and natural ecosystems.

Tropospheric ozone is the pollutant that generates the most problems, since it affects 90% of the territory and has been the most abundant pollutant for yet another year, with levels that present an upward trend due to the increase in average temperatures and "radiation solar ”, a phenomenon with which it is closely related and from which only the Canary Islands and Cantabria are free of its influence.

Paco Segura, coordinator of Ecologists in Action, recalled that administrations have "the obligation to act against chimneys and exhaust pipes", but he also pointed out the pollution caused by maritime transport and has called for a low emission zone in the Mediterranean that would help alleviate the situation.

The environmental entity points out that plans to improve air quality are mandatory according to current legislation, but a dozen autonomous communities "continue to fail to comply with their obligation to draw up plans to fight, for example, ozone."

For the environmental entity, air improvement plans are mandatory as indicated by law and they warn that the only way to improve air pollution in cities is to reduce motorized traffic, promoting public transport, cycling and pedestrian traffic.

They also point out that it is necessary to promote energy saving, adopt the best available industrial techniques, close coal thermal plants, penalize diesel and declare an area of ​​control of maritime transport emissions in the Mediterranean such as those of the Baltic and the Sea. from North.


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