Activist melts 1,527 guns and makes shovels to plant trees

Activist melts 1,527 guns and makes shovels to plant trees

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Culiacán, Mexico, is the city with the highest rate of gun deaths in the nation, many people know the devastating consequences of guns. That is why the Mexican activist, Pedro Reyes, got to work.

With the help of a campaign organized by the Culiacán city government, Reyes collected 1,527 pistols from civilians that were melted down to create shovels that, in turn, were used to plant trees in urban areas affected by the violence.

The shovels have been used to plant trees in Mexico City, Vancouver and San Francisco in honor of local people killed by guns.

Reyes is also an artist who likes to focus on the failures of modern culture from a positive perspective. He doesn't believe in failure, but rather believes that failure is the result of a certain perspective.

Regarding weapons, he felt that something positive could be transformed from his materials, and so he started a campaign asking residents to hand over their weapons in exchange for a coupon that they could use to buy electronics or home appliances.

On the handle of each spade blade is a description showing how the weapon has now become a peaceful instrument.

A shovel, like a pistol, can be used for a productive or hateful purpose. But thanks to a change in perspective, we can transform what hurts into something that benefits us all.

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