How to naturally care for damaged hair

How to naturally care for damaged hair

To recover damaged hair and keep it healthy, we can put into practice some tips for natural care.

For many cultures, hair expresses a lot about the person: from strength of character to connection with the earth. Beyond cultural issues, it is important to take care of our hair in a healthy way.

The important thing is to start to stop using commercial products such as shampoos, rinse creams, styling creams, etc. These, even though their labels and advertising say otherwise, affect the hair by the amount of chemicals they contain. The best thing to do is take care of damaged hair naturally. It is cheaper and much, much more effective.

The bad habits of damaged hair

Our hair deteriorates due to bad hair habits, such as not brushing, using too many commercial products, washing it excessively, exposing it to high temperatures with irons or dryers. And also, believe it or not, a good diet is key, since hair absorbs nutrients from its follicles, and those nutrients are the same that come from your food.

How to take care of damaged hair?

Brush to distribute natural oils

A gentle brushing before bed will help transport all of the natural bait that is created in the roots throughout your mane. You need, in addition to your brush or comb to comb, a brush with natural bristles - make sure they are cruelty-free bristles, and that they are the softest.

Washes without chemicals

Do not wash your damaged hair with commercial products, as it will only make it even worse and generate accusation. You can choose ashampoo natural that, in addition to leaving it just as clean, will not mistreat it and, instead, will hydrate it. You can make it or buy it in health food stores. You can also prepare a mask, like the following:

Mask natural 2 in 1


  • 1 large piece of ginger
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 glass of water
  • 1 egg white

You just have to blend the ginger with the lemon juice and half a glass of water, then strain the mixture and add the tablespoon of honey and the other half a glass of water, but warm. Then beat the egg white to the point of nougat, and keep it separate from your mixture. To use this cream you must follow two steps: first apply the mixture on the leather and on the tips, and then apply the whipped egg white.

You can let this mask act for a few minutes as a mask, as the honey will help repair damaged hair.

Another option, use this conditioner that you can make at home


This homemade conditioner requires 2 or 3 bananas depending on the length of the hair, two tablespoons of honey, two tablespoons of coconut milk and two tablespoons of olive oil. Add a few drops of rose water and if you want, you can add two tablespoons of yogurt that will give a thick base to the mixture.


Cut the bananas into small slices and place them in a bowl. Add the coconut milk, then the honey and mix well. Then add the olive oil (you can also add coconut oil).

Place all the ingredients in the blender and mix well until you get a uniform paste. The rose water drops will give the mixture a more pleasant fragrance.


To apply the homemade conditioner you must first brush your hair to detangle it well. Then wet it a little to make it damp and apply the mixture to the hair, using a wide bristle comb, applying from the roots to the ends. Then put on a shower cap and let it act for thirty minutes.

Rinse the hair to remove the rest of the product, apply your natural shampoo and let it dry naturally.

This banana hair treatment is super easy, simple to make, and cheap. It will allow you to moisturize dry hair well and condition it deeply with all the beneficial properties of its ingredients. Go ahead and try it for radiant and fabulous hair.

What to eat to strengthen hair?

To have strong hair, hydration is key. Drink at least 1 and a half liters of water a day. And then nourish it with some vitamins, such as the B complex (which you can get mostly from eggs, avocado, and legumes), as well as iron (found in green leafy vegetables) and zinc (which you can get of nuts). You will also need vitamin D, for which we recommend taking a daily dose of sun, but not excessive because you will achieve the opposite effect.

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