Ethiopia breaks record, plants 350 million trees in 12 hours

Ethiopia breaks record, plants 350 million trees in 12 hours

Ethiopia has as of Monday 353,633,660 million more trees, after thousands of citizens in all the states of the African country participated in a massive plantation, within the framework of the Green Legacy project.

Ethiopia has planted some353.6 million trees in 12 hours thanks to a government campaign to combat deforestation, which would be a world record number if the results are independently verified.

The final figure was announced by the Ethiopian Minister of Innovation and Technology,Getahun Mekuria, on his Twitter account.

The initial goal was to plant200 million trees in one day - in a country with about 91 million inhabitants - but the objective proposed by the Executive led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was exceeded by more than 50%.

The previous record was held by India, with almost50 million trees in July 2016.

Ethiopia's ambitious tree-planting campaign is part of an initiative calledGreen Legacy, promoted on May 26 and with which the Government aspires to plant 4 billion trees during the remainder of the year.

To achieve this goal, each inhabitant of the country would have to plant at least 40 trees. The objective of Legado Verde is to sensitize the population and take responsibility to reverse environmental degradation.

Abiy's initiative received the support of several international organizations, including several United Nations agencies and international embassies that have already planted its seeds.

Social media has already been filled with photos of dozens of Ethiopians planting trees, shared under the hashtag #GreenLegacy ("Green Legacy").

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