Carrefour substitutes plastic for a cotton mesh to buy fruit

Carrefour substitutes plastic for a cotton mesh to buy fruit

The French company continues with its campaign to reduce the use of containers and packaging, this time it will replace plastic bags for buying fruit with a 100% cotton mesh.

This mesh is transparent, can be washed and reused and is sold in a pack of three at a price of 3.99 euros.

One of the first initiatives of the supermarket chain in Spain was to make it easier for its consumers to use their own containers or bags for their purchases of fruits and vegetables, delicatessen, fishmongers, butchers and ready meals.

Now it is going for more and it becomes the first establishment to adopt the replacement of plastic bags by a cotton mesh for the purchase of fruits.

Another measure adopted by the company has been the elimination of plastic in the fruit and vegetable section of its BIO stores or has replaced this material and the alveoli in fruits such as apples, pears and oranges with sustainable materials.

Plastic reduction greater than 80%

With several of the measures implemented, Carrefour has directly achieved a plastic reduction of over 80%.

For example, the Canarian banana is no longer packaged in plastic bags, this product now only has a small grouping belt. Plastic containers for olives and pickles have been replaced by glass jars.

The multinational considers that the elimination of waste is an important challenge that requires a collective response, in which it is necessary to join efforts from the industry, distributors and customers.

The company in Spain alone has 205 hypermarkets, 110 Carrefour Market supermarkets, more than 770 express supermarkets and 23 Supeco, in addition to online commerce, so the measures it adopts in caring for the environment can make a significant difference.

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