Half a kilometer asteroid is approaching our planet

Half a kilometer asteroid is approaching our planet

Astronomers are on alert for a large 290 to 650 asteroid approaching Earth. It is the rocky body registered with the name 467317 (2000 QW7), by the Center for Minor Planets (IAU).

We will have it close on September 14, at about 5,331.70 kilometers, while it travels at a speed of 28.3 kilometers per second, reports the IAU.

According to the asteroid classification, it is considered "potentially dangerous" because it is closer than 7.5 million kilometers from Earth and its dimensions are more than 140 meters.

The distance of your approach is quite prudent if it follows the intended path and is not deflected.

The history of this asteroid

This asteroid was observed for the first time on August 3, 2000. The analysis of its trip around the Sun determined that it is an Amor-type asteroid, that is to say that it orbits at a greater distance from Earth but with approximations to the orbit of our planet.

The next asteroid on ESA's Hazard List is the smaller 2009JF1, 13 meters in diameter, which will approach in June 2022. There are 871 asteroids on this list.


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