The island of Grand Bahama submerged more than half by Hurricane Dorian

The island of Grand Bahama submerged more than half by Hurricane Dorian

The island of Grand Bahama, in the northwest of the Bahamas archipelago, has been 60% under water due to the effects of the storm surge and rain caused by Hurricane Dorian.

The image taken by the ICEYE company shows that much of the island of Grand Bahama was under water after the impact of Hurricane Dorian as early as Monday.

The satellite with which the capture was taken uses a special technology that allows it to see through the cloud system caused by storms and provide high-quality images.

Known as synthetic aperture radar (Sar), the technology enables a satellite to provide images of the Earth at any time regardless of weather conditions.

ICEYE expects to have updated images of Hurricane Dorian during the next 24 hours.

Grand bahama

The people of Grand Bahama trapped in their homes by the historic floods caused by Hurricane Dorian continue to ask for help in the face of rising sea levels caused by torrential rains that have turned the streets of that island into rivers.

According to the television network ZNS, the streets of Grand Bahama are currently a continuation of the sea.

Local media also reproduce images of the Abaco Islands, the first point in the Atlantic archipelago to be hit by Dorian, showing completely flooded streets where you have to move by boat.

Videos recorded by residents of Grand Bahama and released on social media show homes close to being completely covered by water, which continues to rise as the rains continue.

- ZNS Bahamas (@ ZNSBahamas242) September 3, 2019

The Bahamian authorities reported difficulties for rescue teams to carry out their work on the ground in Grand Bahama, where hundreds of people are sheltered in shelters.

Dorian downgrades to category 2

According to the latest part of the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) the intensity of the winds of Hurricane Dorian dropped to 110 miles per hour (175 km / h), which places it in category 2 Saffir-Simpson.

Dorian, who became category 5 on the scale that measures hurricanes by the intensity of their winds, at 185 miles per hour (295 KM / H), when he was on Sunday over the northern Bahamas, is losing strength rapidly while moves off the east coast of Florida (USA)

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