Pineal gland. The eye of wisdom?

Pineal gland. The eye of wisdom?

What is the pineal gland

The pineal gland it is a small endocrine gland found in your brain producing melatonin. In addition to the usual functions of the Pineal gland, Discardsstated that animal spirits were housed in it and it is related to the third eye chakra.

As we have said before, also known as the third eye by the Hindus, for Descartes it would be the junction point between the higher dimensions of the universe and the physical world. The third eye is the gateway to states of awareness higher and inner kingdoms.

Tibetan monks relate the Pineal glandwith the sixth chakra, Eye of Wisdom, illumination symbolWith the chakra activated, your senses open to the world outside while you connect with the inner world obtaining a deeper vision of life, while with a blockage of it you will obtain a false perception of reality, a distortion of reality itself.

With a lot of practice and discipline you can activate the Pineal gland to access new experiences. It should be noted that with the third eye all the mysteries of existence can be solved.

Photosensitive and magnetoreceptor

The pineal gland it is photosensitive, so it responds to the variations in light that occur around us and is activated in the absence of light to secrete melatonin. It secretes endorphin substances that cause greater tranquility and allows the senses to relax, inducing sleep.

Scientific studies have proven that Pineal gland is magnetoreceptor, so it transforms the waves of the magnetic fields into neurochemical stimuli. If there is a reduction in the activity of this gland, there can be cases of stress, fatigue, bad mood, depression, sleep disorders, decreased professional performance and even cancer risks. It is receptive to field waves geomagnetic, schumman resonance, micropulsations of cosmic origin and ELF or low frequency field.

Where is the pineal gland located

The pineal gland is easily located by drawing a straight line from the center of the crown to the base of the skull and drawing another straight line from the center of the eyebrow knowing that it is the point where both lines meet. It is right in the center of the brain at the height of the eyebrows.

Functions of the pineal gland

Some of the benefits of activating the pineal gland are:

  • Your creativity is enhanced
  • Gives you greater happiness, well-being, positivity, joy
  • You free yourself from stress by regulating the absorption of free radicals
  • Improves cell regeneration and delays aging
  • You feel more balanced with yourself
  • Some diseases can remit, even in serious diseases
  • Your perception and extrasensory faculties are developed
  • Sleep cycles are repaired and consciousness is expanded

What are the functions of the pineal gland?

  • For the hormone stress, is adaptogenic
  • Strengthens the immune system, is a powerful antioxidant
  • Regulates the circadian rhythm and wake and sleep cycles
  • Delays neurogenerative processes
  • Converts signals from the nervous system into endocrine signals
  • Regulates endocrine functions. Relieves and improves tinnitus
  • It's where immortal energy is stored
  • Increases immunity against diseases
  • Segregates melatonin, produces DMT, and is a repository for serotonin

How the pineal gland is neutralized and activated

As small as it is complex, the pineal glandit has many mysteries yet to be learned. In any case, we are going to address some things that can neutralize the functions of this gland as well as some actions and formulas to help it work perfectly.

Things that neutralize pineal gland functions:

  • Stress, Caffeine, Refined Sugar, Mercury, Fluorine

Healing the activation of the pineal gland allows to heal trauma, diseases, activate the imagination, use one's own energy, etc. It has been shown to work in illnesses such as depression, kidney problems, arthritis, anorexia, smoking, irritable bowel, diabetes, insomnia and others.

One of the problems that usually occurs with Pineal glandIt is calcification due to environmental factors and life habits, therefore, it is very important to reduce and eliminate said calcification to favor its later development. In any case, it is a process that takes time.


Alternative therapies and acts that can help:

  • Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy, Meditation
  • Fix your attention on an object fixedly to try to move it with your mind and feel the pressure on your forehead
  • Relaxing baths with soft music, guided views
  • Exercises with stereograms or drawings that create the illusion of deep vision
  • The Cyclopea method

An exercise to activate the gland

Adopt a comfortable position with a straight back sitting, standing, kneeling, lying down or in the lotus position, to later focus attention on your breathing while relaxing your body. Do a concentration exercise on the 7 chakras of the human body, from the first to the last, displaying each one with its color. Breathe in and out. Do it several times until you see it as a small sun and focus on the next chakra. In the sixth chakra, visualize an indigo-colored energy wheel rotating clockwise. Do it as many times as you need.

Concentrate and imagine a source of energy that comes from the universe to reach the area of ​​the Pineal gland, which is getting brighter and brighter and reaches the area of ​​the seventh chakra that becomes luminous and white while the chakra energy wheel continues to rotate. Refocus your attention on your breathing.

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