Only 22% of Mexicans are interested in the environment

Only 22% of Mexicans are interested in the environment

According to a global study, few Mexicans are interested in doing something to take care of the earth, for example, buying ecological products, made of recycled material, that do not affect the environment, etc.

Data consultancy Kantar conducted a global study called Who Cares, Who Does? where it is mentioned that 30% of families around the world are active or believers regarding their concern for the environment, but only half of this group acts on it. This information was obtained by conducting a global survey covering 24 countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia. The objective, beyond seeing what concerns consumers, is to analyze what actions they say they are taking and if these are reflected in their purchases.

In the case of Mexico, we see that 78% of Mexicans have little or no interest in the environment and do not take action, they are eco-disinterested; while 5% are eco-active, always or frequently in their day to day they consider something so as not to affect the planet; 3% are eco-believers, who know that it is important, however, they do few actions, and finally 14% of eco-considered ones, are aware of the situation, however due to economy or practicality they do not opt ​​for this type of products friendly with the environment. It is observed that there are few Mexicans who are interested in doing something to take care of the earth, for example, buying ecological products, made of recycled material, that does not affect the environment, etc.

People who take action are faced with not finding this type of product in the stores where they normally buy, considering that currently Mexican families buy in establishments that are close to their homes, such as convenience stores, on the corner, etc. They are also willing to pay more if:

  • 53 % - The container is made of recyclable material and can be 100% reusable
  • 52 % - Plastic is biodegradable
  • 48 % - It is an organic food or natural cosmetic
  • 44 % - It is a local product
  • 35 % - The container is not made of plastic but of glass

Adrián Ávalos, Expert Solutions of the Kantar México Worldpanel Division mentions: “The environmental issues that most afflict Mexicans are those related to water, be it pollution, scarcity and waste (44%), climate change is another (16%) and air pollution by gases (12%). ), would be the main three. Some actions that they are already implementing must be considered, such as using rags, cloths, washable utensils to clean (85%), when leaving they bring their refillable bottles (46%) and use bar soap instead of liquid to reduce plastic consumption (45%) . This indicates to us that there are beginning to be changes in the way in which people make their regular purchases, these will end up modifying the current dynamics of the manufacturers of mass consumer products ”.

Other actions taken by Mexican households willing to take care of the environment is to cook for themselves, 79% do so with fresh products. In addition, 48% go by bicycle or public transport to pollute the air less, and 44% buy food portions in smaller formats so as not to waste.

Globally, concern about plastic waste ranks second, while climate change and water pollution rank first and third, respectively. In the case of Mexico, Adrián Ávalos, Kantar Expert Solutions explained some of the statements: “Regarding plastic waste, we see that 44% mentioned that product manufacturers should avoid using it as much as possible, while 30% said that consumers could choose products without plastic, and finally 14% believed that the government should modify the laws to achieve greater progress on this issue ”.

Some of the solutions that could come from manufacturers would be: 45% of Mexican families consider that they could use plastic that is 100% reusable, 36% stated that they could use different materials such as paper or glass and 35% that reduce the amount of plastic per container. If we look at the consumer side, the main causes of waste in homes are, with 59% plastic containers for detergents, cleaners and personal hygiene products, 55% said they are disposable plastic bottles and 50% plastic bags. plastic for shopping.

Finally, the main concerns that Mexican families have with respect to plastic is the contamination of water by plastic waste with 62%, suffering of marine animals due to the ingestion of this material, 59%, and air pollution derived from burning waste, 55%. Additionally, Adrián Ávalos from Kantar México added: “28% of Mexicans declared that they listen to or review news related to environmental issues; 19% said they read articles on social media and 13% wrote or shared content on social media. In conclusion, we see that there are few who care and do something at the same time, but if all the interested parties are added, it will be possible to create greater awareness of the situation. This is a global phenomenon that, although it is true, is just beginning to gain strength in Mexico, we know that it will have an accelerated development due to the trends that we see worldwide ”.

The Who Cares, Who Does study can be found here

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