Gene Drives and the new genetic manipulations in agriculture

Gene Drives and the new genetic manipulations in agriculture

The "gene drivers" (directed genetics) or genetic drivers are forms of editing or genetic manipulation of living beings.

They are the most dangerous forms of GMOs, editing genetic traits, which do not necessarily include a new gene, but manipulate genes that already exist in living things. In other words, a microsurgery in the genetic information of living beings.

These changes alter the original functions of plants. These new technologies could transform an entire species by editing genomes so that the modified traits prevail in their entirety for all descendants, even if there is a cross with another unmodified being.

The great danger: an entire species can go extinct

We have already heard some of the great promises of GMOs, such as tolerance to pesticides, the time or period of fruiting or germination and the adaptation of species to the great agro-industrial machinery. This is an even more dangerous technology, which seeks to concentrate agriculture in the hands of multinationals.

Video made by the Working Group on Biodiversity of the National Agroecology Articulation (ANA), a collective that brings together different organizations and social movements, the material seeks to explain, in a didactic way, how the new biotechnology is presented as a threat to the environment, for agrobiodiversity and society.

National Articulation of Agroecology

Video: Genetic Engineering in Agriculture: The Future of Food (August 2021).