The Beauties of Southern Italy: the Peoples of the Amalfi Coast and Sicily

The Beauties of Southern Italy: the Peoples of the Amalfi Coast and Sicily

Italy… from north to south and from east to west the charm floats in the air. Always ready to receive you, offering you an endless variety of landscapes, colors and flavors. Most likely, whoever travels to Italy will leave a part of their heart there.

Many Latin Americans dream of visiting those towns that once belonged to our ancestors. It will be because we carry it in our blood, or perhaps a little in our genes. In some deep corner of our ancestral memory. Those same genes that make us happy, loud, persistent, and sometimes tough heads. They also feel us in part their family. That is why Italians will always make you feel at home. With happy shouts and hand signals they make themselves understood in any language. Always ready to help you and give you a hand. Also - and fortunately - there are some words that are universal, such as ... pizza.

And speaking of pizza, there is something that by far makes Italy so exceptional: its gastronomy. Undisputed cultural heritage that they defend with passion. The secret lies in the high quality of its raw material, and in the expert hands of those who cook. Here the recipes are passed from generation to generation as if it were a kind of ritual. Food in Italy even represents love; It's their way of showing how much they love you and how much they care. At mealtime, all members of the family leave their responsibilities to reunite. Another singularity is the amount of dishes that a single meal includes, for those who see it from the outside, it seems that it will never finish.

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Although some say that if you did not visit the South of Italy, you still did not know the true essence of the country. It is that that small region would seem magical. There is something special fluttering through its streets. His way of being so genuine, so unique. Its warmth and its uniqueness.

Its Mediterranean character will catch you as soon as you enter. On top, the clothes that hang from the balconies, and below, their so venerated saints in small altars. Walking through its narrow streets will give you the feeling that you have entered a time tunnel. The South really falls in love. There are as many possibilities as there are towns, so on this occasion, we will name only some examples:

Naples: the door to the South. As loved as hated. In the middle of the city of chaos, endless times and attractions are mixed. Ancient castles, small chapels and imposing cathedrals combine to give it that characteristic mark. Although it should also be clarified that it is one of the most chaotic and noisy cities that you can visit. Capital of the buona food, it is not for nothing that the Neapolitan pizza recipe was considered a world heritage site by UNESCO, in addition, in 2017 the Michelin guide selected the 6 best pizzerias in the world, and they are all here!

Sorrento: on the way to Amalfi we come across this beautiful city. Its beaches are quiet, and many travelers visit it as a starting point to explore the Amalfi coast. Half an hour away is Pompeii, a city steeped in history. When Vesuvius exploded, it released more than 10,000 tons of lava per second. The population died asphyxiated and everything was buried under ashes. Until today the entire city is kept in very good condition, allowing thousands of tourists to visit it daily.

Amalfi Coast: there are my favorites, Positano and Amalfi. There are no words to describe how imposing Positano is, when you immerse yourself in its intense blue sea and admire its little houses stacked along and across the mountain, you will understand what we are talking about. Then there is Amalfi, the most famous and visited. Walk the streets of its medieval quarter, visit its squares and its churches. It is so beautiful and so full of history that it was declared a World Heritage Site.

Finally, the great Sicily: full of contrasts; volcanoes, medieval towns and beaches with crystal clear waters. In Palermo you will find a colorful and cheerful city, full of monuments and markets. And in the shadow of the Etnea volcano lies the beautiful Catania, with some of the most imposing beaches. One last recommendation, if you pass through Sicily, don't forget to try their so characteristic canolis!

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