Nuclear Missiles in Patagonia

Nuclear Missiles in Patagonia

By Javier Rodríguez Pardo

In our opinion and that of our organizations, the Chubut anti-nuclear movement and Patagonian ecological systems, the US pressure to install part of the anti-missile shield in Patagonia is part of a strategy of regional domination and control. Upon obtaining the objective, the control of the planet will be full, including the formidable biodiversity that contains it.

Several documents are circulating through the National Congress that explain the demands of international creditors, for whom Argentina must guarantee public titles with its natural resources. It is known that our region (neighbors through) holds 72% of the planet's biological diversity. It is perhaps "grandmother's greatest jewel" to the greed of imperialisms. For this reason, environmental organizations have been discussing the plan that the World Bank is executing through "The Fund for the Americas", whose purpose is expressed in the same document that contemplates exchanging external debt for nature.

They are also expressions of that bank "to see with pleasure the shipment of toxic and radioactive waste to emerging countries." Well, if they take advantage of the benefits of state-of-the-art technology, they must also respond to the problems that this causes, "said Lawrent Summers when he presided over the destinies of that international financial entity. The" Gastre nuclear garbage dump "is part of that project.

The first world, we ecologists say, exhausted its resources. Now they come for 2,100 hectares of native forests, from Neuquén to Tierra del Fuego. They wiped out their oaks, they pretend the beech tree. They run out of water that we have left over, at least for now. And we could list many more axes of our continental sea and coasts. In addition to having exhausted their fishing grounds with an unprecedented fish extermination.

And now military bases in Patagonia for geostrategic reasons. It is credible because we already have a record. For many years the Omega tower operated between Puerto Madryn and Trelew, in the Province of Chubut. A communications system made up of five interlocking units covering the entire planet and meticulously located on different continents. Here was one that was "pride" of the Patagonian inhabitants because of its height, higher than that of the Eiffel Tower. And that caused not a few troubles, because it did not stop working even during the Malvinas war, transmitting information, as is known, to the British Empire. In particular, we were on the point of hanging a banner rejecting the nuclear garbage dump, which we never miss, at least with the remaining support towers.

Today that system, now obsolete, is being replaced by sophisticated anti-missile protection shields. The chosen place is once again Patagonia. And the explanation of one of the people in charge who guarded the Omega tower comes to mind when I asked him why in this place. And the answer was the same that they give now for the antimissile shield. Chubut is the ideal place to prevent the course of missiles that, entering from the south, seek to access North American territory. Much better than Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. And from a geopolitical point of view, it is ideal. This and offering to cut half of the external debt is the same. And we say that it is credible because it has been published by the Zurich Financial Services economist thanks to a report entitled "Donal Rumsfeld (Secretary of Defense) will save Argentina." For us, a way to lobby to impose this sinister plan.

We must oppose tooth and nail to this barbarism that seeks a complete submission to the American destiny. Knowing also that the old national pacifist concept consists of staying away from any nuclear weapons. As long as I don't have it, they won't prioritize attacking me. It is sad to imagine that the condition of a poor and indebted country causes such pressure on a territory that does not reach the inhabitant per square kilometer, and who wants it is the most powerful country on the planet.

Why do we give this written version verisimilitude? Because during the month of August of the current, information originated without reservations and with signatures that eliminated the assumption of a rumor circulated. They were ratified by analyst David Hale, from the powerful financial Zurich Financial Services, stating that Argentina could reduce half of its external debt, much better than Turkey, by agreeing to install a base for the missile shield program in its territory.

For the group of seven to sign a new assistance package, knowing that the Argentine debt is unpayable for now, real guarantees or conditions that are reliable are required for a new investment.

That is why the publication " Donald Rumsfeld will save Argentina " it is the explanation of how such financial assistance could occur. Runsfeld is the Secretary of Defense of the United States and the only one with real possibilities of preventing the South American country from falling into default despite the Secretary of the Treasury, Paul O Nelly, who is credited with saying that Argentines are the only ones responsible for its chaos, maintaining a distant profile from the Argentine crisis.

Hale's report argues that Argentina's geopolitical situation is unbeatable and it would receive good financial aid, superior to that of Mexico, Korea and Turkey, cutting its foreign debt in half at a stroke by just offering to have the State Department install a of its bases of the Antimissile Shield program.

The choice of the Patagonian place would already be known because it meets better strategic conditions than Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.

At the same time, a so-called Seprin group made up of former intelligence agents disseminates the same proposal over the internet but with the following addition: "We know that the Kissinger plan speaks of maintaining natural resources, avoiding all industrialization and population growth in underdeveloped countries like Argentina because eventually they will serve as alternatives for strategic natural resources beyond 2020 when food is lacking and the level of contamination is such that said elements will be priced at high levels (drinking water, territory, food, etc.) "And it says more:" the battery base anti-missiles TE or future lasers to neutralize aerospace attacks that try to enter the USA through the southern hemisphere would already be planned in Tierra del Fuego. "

In the same report, the agents of the FOX Group of Seprin compare the real possibilities of the chosen site with those of other countries at the same latitude that would be ruled out. Our memory brought us the memory of the Omega tower and the words of the specialists who always upheld the Patagonian importance.

However, the two reports, that of the Zurich Financial Services and that of the spy agents, speak of different claims. That of Tierra del Fuego, which would already have the recognition and territorial transfer of the current Fuegian government with the backing of one of the chambers of the National Congress (yet to be confirmed by us), would be a fact. The other, the one mentioned by David Hale, would be planned for its ideal logistics in a place located in the Province of Chubut, near the coastal town of Camarones, at an estimated 180 kms. from the city of Trelew. There, two decades ago helicopters of the "North American naval force" flew over the area, with protected shelters and restrictions for tourists and fishing enthusiasts.

What's going on? It is the question that all colleagues ask us.

In our modest opinion, we have been struggling to inculcate and promote greater knowledge of the Patagonian region against the voracity of the globalizing world that on more than one occasion we notice the concept of "unifier" as the dominant role of those who register true control of the planet. We turned to the Rio 92 summit when President Busch retired without accepting the elimination of the tetrachlorofluorocarbons that eat up the atoms of the ozone layer; opposes the United Nations demanding that the World Bank control the funds for research and defense of biological diversity, and its subsequent claim that "climate change is an environmental myth."

It is its ideologists who, from relevant functions, impose conditions and subdue the countries of the South with the extermination of their fish wealth, their native forests and their mineral resources, still in many areas in the discovery stage.

The "High-level radioactive waste repository"It was a clear purpose to impose the concept of" if the underdeveloped world receives the benefits of cutting-edge technologies, it will also have to take charge of the disorders that it causes. "With this concept they envisaged three nuclear waste dumps in the world: in Africa, in Asia and South America. ("The possibility of leasing the Gastre repository to other nations is contemplated", Elías Palacios, Manager of Radiology at CNEA, Trelew, l986). But in case there was any doubt, in our presentation on "Patagonia in the new global order" presented at the two environmental assemblies of CTERA in Bariloche and Comodoro Rivadavia, we started from the statements of Lawrence Summers, at that time an official of the World Bank, ideologue of the "globalizing" regime, who in an article published in "The Economist" stated that "The measurement of the costs of pollution harmful to health depends on the benefits that are lost with higher mortality. Taking into account this point of view, a certain amount of pollution harmful to health should be generated in countries with less costs, which have lower wages. I think the economic logic behind a shipment of toxic garbage to a lower-wage country is impeccable and we should take it into account. "

For a few days, with our fellow "Gondwanians" (Bernardita Bielsa and others in the Andean Region) we have been elucidating the true scope of the Fund for the Americas, which until now is a cruel precedent of exchange and submission. In the chapter "Contributions to a trust fund" the following is stated: "These facilities are applicable both to contributing countries (Argentina's bilateral debt amounts to 2,900 million dollars) that wish to exchange the Argentine debt for Nature, and private contributions that they would not see their operating financial results affected since the contribution would only be reflected on the balance sheet as a bank deposit that does not earn interest. " This kind of gadgets and trust fund balances disguise the real claims to invest in Nature and appropriate resources that are in impressive demand for the simple reason that South American biological diversity exceeds 72% of that existing on the entire Earth. The bilateral debt to which it refers is not current, it corresponds to figures from five years ago.

In this way we return to the question that many colleagues ask us: WHAT'S GOING ON?

My friends, everything happens. But everything always happened.

While we fight against the installation of the First High Activity Radioactive Waste Dump in the World, the "first world" cleans the fishing grounds of our continental sea with the complicity of our rulers and some mercenaries of ecology. While we are discussing the carbon certificates, they plan to take 2,100 km of native forests, 2,150,000 hectares. of Patagonian lenga. While we prioritize mobilizations against the importation of nuclear waste from Australia, corrupt leaders and parliamentarians who do not represent themselves or likewise allow military bases of atomic protagonism with the subsequent war commitment of a country that will be punished and repressed in the event of a war long before the North American nation.

But what kind of scoundrels have we elected by popular vote?

I believe without blinking that we are part of the masochistic brotherhood, although it is true that we can do little to reverse such a punishment that mortgages the future of our children and curtails our spirit, except for what our imagination or, better yet, freedom cannot kill. of thinking and knowledge.

Tough times are ahead. And the first thing we must banish is fear. I confess that I don't have it. It will be because I believe that even after death we will continue to impart our thoughts. And this makes me very happy. Now that he mentions death means that we will survive it. Only in that sense do I mention it because the project to nuclearize Patagonia is not exactly a life expectancy. So our firm proposal is to fight.


Javier Rodriguez Pardo
Chubut Antinuclear Movement
Patagonian Ecological Systems
TE. 02965 430238 Buenos Aires 564 Trelew Chubut
E mail: [email protected]

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