Act now! S.O.S. Climate - Friends of the Earth

Act now! S.O.S. Climate - Friends of the Earth

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Climate change is a reality that millions of people in the world already suffer. If we don't act fast, the Earth's temperature will continue to rise until it's too late.
We want politicians to watch this video and reflect on their political commitment to tackle this problem and put effective solutions in place. Running away from the problem we will not solve anything.
Solutions exist, but we need determined political action. We have to act by reducing our emissions and contribute responsibly to the people who, without having caused climate change, are going to suffer its effects. That is why we urgently ask for your commitment to:
- Legislation that sets emission reduction targets year by year
- Transfer financing and technology to the most vulnerable populations for mitigation and adaptation to climate change.
Enter and ACT NOW!

Video: Climate Change - Official Short Film. Philip K. (June 2022).