Blind Spot

Blind Spot

Blind Spot is something like a crash course on the new paradigms facing our species, in the face of the great planetary anomaly called Peak Oil and its implications for the future of humanity. The director Adolfo Doring (born in Mexico and based in New York), has summoned for this work a series of specialists with impeccable and recognized trajectory in their respective professional and research areas, who together offer us the fundamental pieces so that the viewer can put together their own map of the situation, without the intention of generating panic or alarm, simply painting the panorama as it is.

It is a very didactic example of the strong links that exist between our energy consumption, with the way the economy is managed, and the effect that this has for the environment, and in addition, for the survival of humanity. Ecology and environmentalism have ceased to be a question of conscience, to become rather a question of survival, a crucial new approach, which however most people still persist in not wanting to see.

If we had to summarize this film with a single sentence, it could be said that it is an intensive diagnosis and a multidisciplinary approach to understand why we are as we are.

Blind Spot - United States, 2008