Electromagnetic Pollution - Uncontrolled Radiation

Electromagnetic Pollution - Uncontrolled Radiation

Technological development has accentuated the population's exposure to electromagnetic pollution, given the growing expansion of mobile telephony. Wireless technology is based on a wide network of fixed antennas or base stations that transmit information through radio frequency signals that, according to scientific information, cause serious long-term health effects.

Taking and sharing this concern is that the deputy Antonio Riestra and the legislator of the City Laura García Tuñon have presented, both at the national level and in the City of Buenos Aires, two bills that modify the current regulations, lowering emission levels allowed and regulating the installation of antennas.

On June 7, 2012, in an open hearing in the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation, the Deputy Graciela Iturraspe, a member of the Health Commission, the Engineer Guillermo Defays (CEPETEL - CTA), Dr. Ana Della Fonte, doctor member of AAMMA (Argentine Association of Physicians for the Environment), Drs. Belén Aliciodi and Mario Caparelli, lawyers specialized in environmental law, neighborhood organizations self-convened against the cell phone antennas of Quilmes, Lanús, Claypole, Don Bosco, Florencio Varela, Wilde, Avellaneda, among others.

Video: The Growing Concern with Electromagnetic Radiation and Frequencies with Dr. Carlos Ritter (July 2021).