The future of Mother Earth in the hands of Man

The future of Mother Earth in the hands of Man

By Carlos Fermín

Every day we suffer from a petty egotism that asks: Why love and respect Mother Earth, if every year floods, forest fires, hurricanes and earthquakes kill thousands of people in the world? It would be sad, absurd and simplistic, to blame our misfortunes on the genuine nobility that lives in the heart of the Pachamama.

To a large extent, the natural disasters that end the utopian heartbeat of human existence are caused by the vicious circle of breaking into, exploiting and profiting from the biodiversity that we manipulate at our own convenience. There are those who debate between preserving the Environment and its legendary natural resources or assuming a total indifference in adopting an integral ecological life. The dilemma is laid bare, if we forget the degree of positive or destructive influence that Man's action provokes in the environment it houses.

We are wrong in assuming that Ecology is an elusive reality of the problems that we collate in the daily afer. We all need the healthy interaction of the Man-Middle-Society trinomial, to successfully carry out academic, work or home activities. If we ignore this symbiosis, and we turn our back on conservationism to maintain the balance of ecosystems, a socio-environmental lack of control occurs in which the just will always pay for sinners, and impunity will never move away from the uncertain horizon that we will face.

Perhaps we have lost the ability to surprise ourselves at the fortuitous miracle of existing. When the Sun grants us the privilege of seeing the light of a new dawn, and enjoying its clarifying wisdom each morning, it makes us reflect on whether we really deserve to have a blessed home called Earth. Thanks to the force of gravity, the king star continues to show us that only one of its planets has the fortune of harboring the ideal conditions for Life. It doesn't matter if you travel through the orbit of Venus, Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn. Between the infernal heat, the excessive cold and the great atmospheric pressures, you will have to fly back to our only Survival habitat. But, it is contradictory that the happiness of having a celestial body in a geoid shape, filled with the sacred oxygen of Nature, encourages us to mortgage its future in the murky waters of war at close range.

The perverse political cunning of Uncle Sam, in undertaking sidereal voyages in search of Extraterrestrial Life and habitable zones that make Goldilocks smile, only demonstrates the great anti-value of justifying the end by the Middle. The fact of dealing with a World full of sociocultural inequalities, in which people die from a drop of water in the gloom of the streets, seems not to disturb the whim of invading, conquering and expropriating the potential of others. It is the perfect plan of attack to receive all the money that seeps into the blood of greed, ignorance and self-destruction of the Being. A strong handshake, the flash of a camera and that news to sell to the sheep of turn, they are sufficient rewards for the Devil to continue seizing the natural resources that coexist in the innocence of Pachamama.

However, a magical revelation that was hidden in the ashes of the fire, made us understand that Mother Earth was not always conditioned to the wicked desire of her nemesis. In ancient times, she gave birth to a noble son who, over the centuries, became the indelible ink of my words. It was thus, how he fertilized the "Aboriginal Man", the first offspring who fearlessly walked barefoot, through the native towns that illuminated his curious walk. With great impetus and courage, he learned to recognize the great treasures that Nature exhibited and knew how to take advantage of them to avoid extinguishing them. He managed to evolve into a wise human Being who respected the designs of the spirit of Gaia and understood that deep within his soul, the destiny of future generations was foreshadowed.

Being somewhat naive, he attacked the legacy of his ancestors, trusting in the foreign liturgies offered by the new settlers, who enslaved him and forced him to usurp endless territories that little by little ate away the blue of the majestic seas, the green of the enigmatic forests and the white of the frozen Antarctica. Having to walk among the sharp splinters of the Earth, he became used to losing his mind in the bow and arrow of war, in the dilemma of hiding a dogma and in the oppression of revealing science. After opening his eyes, he fell prisoner of a beastly industrialization process, which did not hesitate to make him sell the soul of Pachamama, only for the desire to poison her with the riches that emerge from the ecocide

It was thus, as he reincarnated in the "Irrational Man", the bastard son of Modern Society, who spoils everything for that superfluous cult of ending the inheritance that without grudges or demands, he received in the tears of his mother. Hoping not to get their feet muddy, when touching the organic that is in the shadow of the earth, human beings surrendered to the anti-values ​​that technological development and individualism brought with them, never to hear the blow that crossed the chains of the Yembe. African.

Opening the door of the XXI century, the evolution of the colonizers was eclipsed in a world full of hypocrisy, corruption, revenge and violence everywhere, that clings to that great question mark in the psyche of our ancestors. Very close to the abyss, the corporate cannibalism of the transnationals, leads to the irrational consumerism of people in acquiring any product and service that passes in front of the advertising eyes of the TV. The collective discernment in people is lost by an eternal complicity between the prey, the predator and the diners.

With an arsenal of bombs, missiles and rockets staining the sky red, we continue to glorify death and overpopulate every inhospitable corner of planet Earth. The desire to procreate biologically, to extinguish the light of hope for abandoned children, continues to disunite us to the rhythm of races, hymns, flags and colors. The family is the omnipresent gaze that in absolute silence, is in charge of allowing all that social aberration, instructing us to pay homage to everything that is futile that happens in front of the voices of time.

With nothing to lose and a lot to gain, Pachamama knew that only the will of children was capable of remedying or ending the global chaos that we face every day. This is how the "Ecological Man" emerged, who will promise a future full of environmental awareness, in which today's childhood will NOT forget to defend the purity of the Earth, in search of a more sustainable and sustainable place for all . In order to achieve this, early education about our relationship with Nature is key so that the apathy of our parents, teachers, neighbors and friends does not continue to eat up the hours of logical reasoning in estimating everything green that surrounds us.

When we teach the boys, the importance of embracing the great value of Ecology in their lives, will allow them NOT to be deceived by the temptation of attachment to the material and thus the cry of their mother will be easier to appease. Hence, civility, tolerance and empathy are paths of light that will mitigate the darkness of the "real" reality that we live. They must be agents of change within their communities, with the purpose of carrying and sharing the optimistic message to the population they inhabit. The practice of 3Rs (recycle, reuse and reduce), saving electrical energy by turning off the lights in the home or office, the grace of not wasting drinking water and printing on the computer only the jobs that were previously corrected from the monitor; They are useful ideas that contribute to the peace of the Environment and will renew your relationship with others.

In turn, the duty of ecological co-responsibility is crucial to redefine the lifestyle and assume the commitment to safeguard natural interests. That statement is exercised by NOT attending animal cruelty events, which use the instinct of wildlife for the repulsive profit of others. Promoting vegetarianism by choice and not by obligation is a healthy alternative to consider. We can all learn from mistakes in order to discover ourselves and be masters of our own destiny. The grief of seeing, feeling and feeling all that negativity that hides in the vein of a felled tree, in the blood of someone who drowns a dolphin and knowing that right at this moment, while you are reading my opinion article, they are committing crimes against Nature, must continue to motivate us to fight on their behalf and promptly report any environmental damage that we know of.

If you want to help make the dream of Gaia a pleasant reality to discover, it awakens the will of the "Aboriginal Man", reject the consumerism of the "Irrational Man" and reinvent your future in the hands of the "Ecological Man". Thus, we will no longer have to blame all our misfortunes on Mother Earth, who will continue to embrace us in her mantle of infinite wisdom.

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