On the trail of global ecocide

On the trail of global ecocide

By Carlos Fermín

Each fortuitous footprint that was hidden in the sky, forced to go through all the green of the grass, in search of understanding the smoke signals that brought with it the origin of human survival. The mysticism of existing, made Man undertake a tireless struggle to solve the riddle about his own birth. Without strong evidence to save him from divine judgment, he preferred never to know the truth hidden in the shock wave of the "Big Bang." Thus, the desire to populate the World, materialized in a garden full of blood, stray bullets and combat troops, which for centuries delineated the tip of an iceberg in times of civilization.

The coming of the holocaust, was in charge of desecrating the magic of Nature, in a stone full of hatred, anger and thirst for revenge. The cannibal instinct of Man was molded in the image and likeness of environmental impunity. After the passage of the war, ecological crimes became the bread of future generations, who enjoyed illegality in the work of the peoples. Now, the great attack of Modern Society, not only continues to honor death, but also takes advantage of the nobility that lives in Pachamama, to sell their lands, seas and forests to the ecocidal hands of the 21st century.

Precisely, Ecocide is a neologism that is applied to environmental damage caused by the negative interaction of Man with natural resources, ecosystems and biodiversity. When Human Beings destroy the ecological balance, due to industrialization, overpopulation or ignorance against Mother Earth, a temporary or irreparable alteration of habitats is generated, which causes the inevitable ecocide. The lack of a conservationist culture in people, together with the complicity of governments and judicial entities in NOT punishing crimes in a timely manner, end up being the main factors that conspire daily in environmental problems.

Ecocides are usually perpetrated anonymously, due to denial or ignorance of their existence. The paradox is that they have always been in the foundations of Humanity; representing the sad story never told by books on a global scale. Since Man had to resort to the planet's green resources, to survive and colonize new territories, he dedicated himself to making them profitable everywhere. Although nowadays, the abuse of the environment is simply irrational, it is regrettable that ecocide is seen as a contemporary fad, exaggeration or "rarity". The most important thing is to understand that the environmental contamination caused by mining, indiscriminate felling of trees, oil spills and open-air incineration of garbage are ecocides that we must report to public authorities.

All this furtive destruction at the expense of Nature, makes us invoke the British Antarctic Survey, which presented in June 2013, a virtual map of the continental landscape seen without the ice sheet that covers it, to determine the topographic conditions that treasures the explored area. As disturbing as seeing Antarctica completely thawed, the product of a surprising scientific study, it was more shocking to think how close we are to a massive ecocide due to human folly. Let us remember that in July 2012, there was an extreme thaw in Greenland, which lost 97% of its frozen mass in 4 days, due to an atypical melting process that left the island covered with liquid water, affecting the great underwater current that travels the oceans and regulates the climatic variables of the World. If we associate the prelude that both events encompass, we have an environmental question to answer and that we will explain to the rhythm of the popular trio of ecological crime.

Climate Change is the accelerated variation of the Earth's climate on a regional and global scale. Such changes occur over different periods of time and depend on the variables me

Theorological, (cloudiness, rainfall, temperature). Global Warming is the phenomenon caused by the increase in the average temperature in the earth's atmosphere and in the oceans. The Greenhouse Effect is the consequence of the retention of toxic gases in the atmosphere, caused by companies after burning fossil fuels and producing chemicals, which accumulate in the form of greenhouse gases (CO2, CH4, NF3). However, the three sacred edges of the problem do not seem to be sufficient evidence to clarify the reason for the continued environmental devastation of the 21st century.

We wonder, will there be a cause and effect relationship or is it all the result of chance? Doubt forces us to draw an axis of coordinates, to determine the sociocultural affiliation of Man and his environment. When plutonium becomes the great threat to Humanity. While the future is limited to nuclear reactors and the production of atomic weapons. Since robotic curiosity landed on a whim on Mars. After launching satellites, missiles and rockets to communicate the message of war. Amid so much warmongering, we can presage that the lead labyrinth created by Post-modern Man reflects the hostility of his ancestors. In the absence of conciliation between those allegedly involved, we have finally found someone to blame for the bleak environmental outlook.

The great telescopic sight of Uncle Sam, has always been the culprit of attempting against Nature, all over the center of an ecocide that hides in the hat of the northern poison. However, it is absurd to believe that the Devil is solely responsible for the spiritual crisis that Modern Society suffers. Unfortunately, the Yankee mind has extrapolated its range of attack, to the point of spoiling the discernment of people all over the world. On the left channel, the anti-values ​​of TV, the prostitution of the Internet, the shooting of violent movies and video games, are in charge of annihilating the reason of netizens, viewers and gamers. On the right channel, we come across bullying, workplace abuse, and domestic violence, which are the result of a vicious circle paid off in schools, offices and homes.

The problem intensifies when children and adolescents are the main victims of rotten technology made in countries like the US, Japan and Canada. In the previous paragraph, the psychosocial destruction of video games was discussed, which disrespect the right to life of animals and motivate you to kill any bird, mammal or reptile that crosses the high definition screen, to receive as a reward more rifles, grenades and machine guns. Whenever we address environmental issues, we think about the interaction of young people with Nature, since it will depend on them to continue in the war at full strength or to illuminate paths of peace. Therefore, it is a shame that childhood lives prey to all virtual aberration, thanks to the indifference of parents, the need to be accepted by others and the lack of ecological content in schools.

Similarly, in documentaries, series and programs that broadcast on subscription TV, they make us believe that white sharks, Nile crocodiles, African lions or any other species of wildlife, are aggressive specimens ready to kill us mercilessly . We see how they create a "ranking" of the supposed killer animals, record the testimony of the survivors of the attack and even show us the moment when they are sacrificed. It is sad to appreciate how they make Mother Earth and her biodiversity a lucrative business to sell to people. Animals are instinctive beings that if they feel threatened, as they will naturally react to eventual danger, but that does NOT mean that they are "machines" programmed to kill humans.

In fact, the overpopulation that manifests itself when building houses, buildings and shopping centers in protected green areas, generates a forced migration that puts them in danger of extinction. Let us remember that hunting animals in North American territory is one of the most profitable and bloody pastimes that reveal the degree of human misery in the world. It is chilling to appreciate how many parents force their children to belong to clubs where deer are killed for fun, to strengthen the parental bond that will "help" them in the near future. Within the cruel arms race, in the US there is a debauchery in the purchase and possession of firearms, in order to obtain a mercenary license that was already released in the massacres in Connecticut, Denver and Pennsylvania.

At the same time, it is horrible that in Latin America Bullfighting is broadcast on an open TV signal, destroying live and direct the mental health of the audience, which enjoys extreme cruelty, apart from a climate of collective retaliation for bearing fruit. . Believe it or not, behind the common underworld, organized crime and mafias that steal, kidnap and shoot people down, hide all the great anti-values ​​that we have discussed; Due to the loss of a social conscience that distorts the healthy interaction of individuals with the Environment and forces them to be slaves of an oppressive reality. For this reason, Man is the only animal who with premeditation and treachery has dedicated himself to glorifying death.

If you really care about the fate of the polar bear and do not want Humanity to press the trigger of global ecocide, then we must reflect on our leading role in the protection of Nature. Hence, it is vital to save drinking water, promote recycling work, keep recreational spaces clean, avoid the abuse of electricity consumption, promote a conservationist culture in the communities, and report any environmental damage. For all the help you give Mother Earth, you will be declared innocent of NOT attempting against her natural resources and they will only blame you for loving her and respecting her a little more every day ...

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